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Campaign Q&A: Tom Kaczmarek ’15

Tom Kaczmarek ’15, a finance major and Student Senate president

Tom Kaczmarek ’15, a finance major and the Student Senate president

Welcome to Campaign Q&A, a series of interviews with Siena community members integral to Living Our Tradition: The Campaign for Siena College. This week’s interview subject is Tom Kaczmarek ’15, a finance major and the Student Senate president.

Q: How will this campaign impact students?
A: A big focus for the students has been the Sarazen Student Union renovation. Personally, I’ve had the opportunity to sit on that committee and go through the planning of that. It’s just a very student-oriented part of the campaign and something we’re especially excited to see is a 24-hour student lounge.

Q: What’s it been like working on that committee?
A: It’s been interesting and rewarding and a little surprising to see how valuable the student input has been. We’ve all had the opportunity to have our voices heard.

Q: How excited are you and other students for the new student lounge in the fall?
A: Very! The timeline we’re working on is fantastic. Everyone on campus is committed to making this happen and making it happen quickly.

Q: Do you get a sense that the general student body is into that project or other aspects of the campaign?
A: Obviously the student union is at the forefront for the students because you’re walking through that building and already seeing those changes from construction.

Q: And I would think different student groups are interested in initiatives that affect them, like Pre-Law. Is that true?
A: Exactly. The SSU is the biggest one for general campus and then it segments down to the people who are affected by those individual projects. All of the MAC renovations and upgrades are going to be nice to see, not just for the athletic population, but also for students who are looking forward to gym renovations.

Q: What is the most important thing someone should know about this Campaign?
A: From a student perspective, it’s important to note the focus not only on current students but also on addressing development down the road. I’m so excited that I almost wish I could go back and be a freshman again. Not just the projects to be completed this fall, but the projects coming two, three, four years down the pike.

It’s a holistic approach because it’s not just focused on one aspect of campus – it’s athletic development, student life and academia.